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We do not impose any hidden charges. You will only be billed the exact amount displayed in your order summary during the checkout process. If you come across any unfamiliar charges on your credit or debit card for purchases that you didn’t authorise or create an account for, we recommend verifying with family members or colleagues who have the authority to make purchases on your behalf. If the charge remains unidentifiable, please notify us of the unauthorised transaction within 30 days of the occurrence, and we will investigate. Please send an email to us at 

If you encounter a payment failure, we suggest retrying and ensuring that all payment gateway information is accurate, including account details,
billing address, and passwords for net banking, among others. Additionally, please check your internet connection to ensure there are no interruptions. 

In the event of a payment failure and subsequent debit from your account, the amount is typically refunded within 7 business days. For any clarifications, please email us at, including your order number.

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