Life is different and more flavorful when you snack, which is why Popat Namkeen is a delightful place to start. With a commitment to providing top-notch quality, Popat has been a Namkeen brand with a Chhattisgarh base for more than 20 years. It has succeeded in the market by delivering happiness through the unrivaled flavor of its namkeen products.

Our Journey


Shri Bhupesh Popat and his brother Shri Rajesh Popat started a setup of product production in the year 1990, despite it being a challenging time for them. He began the journey by going into each store and selling things himself. They started Popat's adventure by attempting to raise money for the factory by selling some of his mother's jewels. Despite after the difficult times after 10 years


After 10 years of hardship, the manual plant was converted to an automatic setup in the year 2000 as demand increased and new products were created, including the well-known Nylon Saloni, a popular snack in people's daily lives.


After 30 years of success & hard work and the confident faith of the people, Popat Namkeen tripled the production capacity and converted to an all-automatic equipment factory. We pledge to uphold the public's confidence in us throughout the ensuing years.


Customers from all over the world want to know that the products they purchase are of the finest quality. While committed to using resources responsibly, our focus is on providing consumers with goods of the finest quality. We take great care to choose the best raw materials, and we accomplish this with the aid of effective quality management systems and the assistance of our suppliers via an internal review process. Popat Namkeen is happy to certify that all of our products are routinely audited in accordance with the standards set by our qualified quality team. We make investments in newer, more effective processes to produce products of the best quality. We have a few policies and procedures in place to help us maintain our level of excellence.


Our Goal

Attain leadership in traditional snack foods, Indian sweets, and western snack foods; achieve continuous and sustainable growth in the business, both organically and inorganically; keep innovating new, high-quality products; and delight customers by providing a wide range of high-quality food products at affordable prices.

Our Mission

We provide authentic, tasty and quality vegetarian food products at reasonable cost, remain ahead of competitors through product-innovation, adopt new technologies, abide by law and care environment, provide a friendly working environment, provide growth opportunity to stakeholders, be debt free, enhance shareholders net worth, and contribute for social causes.

Our Values

Our main focus is on providing wholesome, conventional, and delectable foods. We continuously prioritise quality and freshness, and we are aware of our duty to keep supplying the food that our clients love all over the world. After all, the recognition provided by our customers is the one we value the most.

Our Team

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